Virtue Cards
Attitudes and Actions of Excellence

Virtue Cards come as a standard deck of 52 poker-sized playing cards, each detailing a different Virtue. 

However, the deck doesn't just contain an arbitrary list of Virtues.  Instead, extensive research and experimentation has resulted in a systematic approach to classifying Virtues by several factors including Aspect, Focus, Type, & Rank.

Each Virtue Card defines the corresponding Virtue and gives a reference Bible verse along with a heraldic picture that thematically represents the Virtue.  Each card displays several symbols specific to the system to allow for quick visual reference.  In addition, the cards have been implemented using normal suits and ranks allowing the cards to be used like a standard playing deck.

Ultimately, using the system makes learning and remembering the Virtues easy and fun as Virtue Cards can be used to play any existing card game with a "Virtuous twist" as well as games specifically designed for the system.

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